Young UK Health Tech Entrepreneur


    Leading the AI Healthcare Revolution: Welzo’s Success Story


    At the forefront of AI in healthcare, Adonis Hakkim’s Welzo is transforming patient care. Under his leadership, Welzo has become a key player in the health tech industry, reflecting Hakkim’s innovative vision and solidifying his reputation as a pioneering entrepreneur.


    Diagnostics and Beyond: Steering Harley Medic Group


    As CEO of Harley Medic Group, Hakkim has grown the UK’s most extensive private diagnostics network. His strategic expertise and deep understanding of healthcare ice dynamics have been pivotal in the group’s success, contributing significantly to his financial stature.


    Angel Investor: Identifying and Nurturing Potential

    Hakkim’s journey as an angel investor showcases his knack for recognizing potential in tech startups and property development. His investments span across the UK and the Middle East, diversifying his portfolio and amplifying his net worth.


    Recognition and Esteem: Forbes Feature and Beyond

    The recognition from Forbes and other prestigious publications underscores Hakkim’s accomplishments and business acumen, marking him as a respected figure in the entrepreneurial world.

    Legacy in Health Technology: Shaping the Future

    Adonis Hakkim’s contributions to health technology and beyond are significant. His legacy is marked by innovation, strategic foresight, and a commitment to enhancing healthcare through technology.

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